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Cancer Specialist

Medhealth Clinical

Primary Care Practice & General Internal Medicine located in Winter Garden, FL & Trinity, FL

Cancer, in every form, is a devastating diagnosis. However, early diagnosis and treatment are key in preventing complications. Primary care specialist Pedro F. Garcia, MD, and the team at Medhealth Clinical in Winter Park, Florida, provide cancer screenings and help you manage your care plan if you receive a diagnosis. Call to set up your cancer care or schedule an appointment online today.

Cancer Q & A

How can a primary care provider help me prevent cancer?

A primary care provider gives the preventive care needed to reduce your cancer risk and recommends the screenings necessary for early detection, which can mean successful treatment.

Dr. Garcia and the team at Medhealth Clinical pay attention to your lifestyle and health behaviors that put you at greater risk of developing cancer. Tobacco use, dietary choices, lack of physical activity, inadequate sun protection, and excessive alcohol use can make you more vulnerable to certain cancers.

The primary care team also knows your personal and family medical history. They can recommend a cancer screening schedule that is appropriate for you. The team will let you know when to schedule a Pap smear, mammogram, colonoscopy, or prostate test.

How does a primary care provider support me through a cancer diagnosis?

While you will likely have a specialist to help you with treatment, you should continue to see the team at Medhealth Clinical to support other aspects of your health and manage your condition. 

Your relationship with a primary care provider involves all aspects of your health, not just your cancer diagnosis. The team at Medhealth Clinical cares for your whole health and other conditions you might have. The practice is also available for any urgent care needs you might have and helps manage your medication and refills. 

You can trust Dr. Garcia to translate and explain the information from your oncologist and provide essential emotional support during your diagnosis.  

When you go into remission, your primary care provider helps you maintain good health and watches for recurrences. 

How can a primary care provider help with cancer pain?

Cancer and its treatment can cause pain. At Medhealth Clinical, the team customizes cancer pain management plans to address your specific pain and improve your quality of life. Oral medications can ease existing pain and reduce the frequency of its occurrence.  

They work in close contact with your oncologist and other specialists on your care team to coordinate treatments. 

To learn more about the cancer care offered at Medhealth Clinical, call the practice or schedule an appointment online today.